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The future of free sport on TV will soon be decided by the Federal Government.

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Watching sport on free-to-air TV is something most of us take for granted; unlike in many countries, Australians don’t have to pay to watch major sporting events. The reason for this is the anti-siphoning list.

The anti-siphoning list was established by the Federal Government to ensure the broadcast rights for major sporting events could not be bought exclusively by pay TV. To view a copy of the anti-siphoning list click here.

Despite the fact the list has clearly and consistently delivered on its public policy objectives, the pay TV industry is lobbying for changes which would force Australian viewers to pay for sport they currently watch for free.

Click here for a copy of Free TV's recent submission to the Government's review of Sport on Television.

We believe sport on Free TV is too good to lose. To register your support click here.